Illustrated lyrics of Hey Jude by The Beatles. {creator}

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I don’t mind the coming down 
It’s the way it’s gotta be 
What I hope I got left inside 
Is a little bit of me 

you read me like tea leaves, melanie safka 

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"Stretch out your mind to humanity
How many tomorrows can you see?"

Strawberry Alarm Clock, Sit With The Guru

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Stephen Stills—“Church (Part of Someone)”

Stephen Stills (Atlantic 1970).

I wonder could it be a dream?

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  Bob Dylan - You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

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I Wish It Would Rain - The Temptations (Wish It Would Rain, 1968)

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Rich Kind Of Poverty - Sam and Dave (Soul Men, 1967)

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Judee Sill - Jesus Was a Cross Maker

Blinding me, his song remains reminding me
He’s a bandit and a heartbreaker

Oh, but Jesus was a cross maker

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"Happiness is hard to find
We just want peace to blow our minds"

Tomorrow, Revolution

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Jefferson Airplane - Triad

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Ultimate Spinach - Ego Trip

Mindless credents groped through ideosyncracy fields
rising up

You’ve got laughing colors singing in your brain
You don’t know what they’re saying
But they’re driving you insane
You think that you’re from nowhere
And you’ve got no place to go
You think that you know something
But there’s nothing left to know

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the Byrds - My Back Pages

Ah, but I was so much older then,
I’m younger than that now.

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